What do I need? 
 • A tablet/notebook computer. Assignments are given and received electronically.
 • A valid passport. Expiration date cannot be less than 6 months from start of your class mission/outreach phase.
 • Stateside housing and meals are not provided at this time. If you require housing closer to the school, please inquire with us about securing a host home in the area.
 • In-Country housing and meals are included (2 per day).

 Previous Education or Experience 
 • Students must be a high school graduate or have successfully complete the General Educational Development (GED).
 • Must have completed a three week in-country internship with Coreluv, or the equivalent (subject to administrative review).
 • Must be at least 18 years of age prior to start date.

Orientation/Prayer Date(s) 
The first week will be Orientation/Prayer week. This will be a time to set expectations, seek God, and set the posture of our hearts throughout the term.

Classroom Hours/Days (Stateside): 
Weekdays: Morning Sessions (9am - 12pm)
Afternoon work responsibilities (1:30 - 4pm)
Weekend presentation and event assistance and flexibility is required.

Can students work while in school: 
No. The school will be a fully-immersive experience. The goal of creating a relationally driven culture will be key to the effectiveness of the program. Preparing students for the mission field requires an in-depth, introspective, commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

Romantic Relationships 
Students may not be actively engaged in relationships that distract or inhibit full participation and immersion while participating in the program. Any such relationship should be put-on-hold until completion (Excluding married couples).

What church should students attend? 
Students will be required to attend church, the choice of church will be handled on a per-class basis.

Language Studies: 
Over the duration of the school’s lecture phase there will be an opportunity for language development for the country selected for the Mission Phase. Schedule and details TBD.