The Lecture Phase focuses on classroom training, relationships, and work responsibilities, and personal growth. In this phase, perspectives are broadened and capacities are increased.


The Coreluv SOM curriculum is designed to provoke and challenge the student. Studies include biblical foundations, leadership training, personal development, spiritual growth, and much more. Morning lecture sessions are about engaging the mind. Students will receive powerful teaching from a variety of speakers and missionaries that will motivate and inspire. A solid biblical foundation, self‐perception, and worldview are vital to the success of any missionary.

Relationships and One‐on‐Ones

One of the most essential aspects of the SOM training program is building relationships. Through community and one‐on‐one discipleship sessions, students receive the opportunity to grow in exponential ways by sharing and processing what they have learned in a safe peer‐to‐ peer environment. Individual one‐on‐ones sessions are held with staff members throughout the lecture phase to encourage personal and spiritual growth in each student.

Work Responsibilities 

After each morning classroom session, students will be assigned to perform various responsibilities and tasks within the Coreluv stateside departments of ministry. Students will serve alongside the leadership team and learn what it takes for the Coreluv team to effectively defend the orphan.

The Missions Phase is an extension of the lecture phase. This portion of the training will be completed in Haiti, serving Coreluv’s in‐country programs. The focus on individual and team growth will continue. During this extended period of in-country service, the focus on individual and team growth will continue, and students will be expected to apply their knowledge, display leadership, and serve in a deeper level.


Abridged classroom sessions will focus on multicultural ministry and refining personal goals and purpose. Students will be instructed by team leaders and in‐country missionaries. The teachings will focus on practical, in‐field concepts and challenges.

Relationships and One‐On‐Ones

As with stateside discipleship, effective communications, relationships, and one‐on‐one sessions will continue to be key in the student’s success. Students will continue to have the opportunity to share and process what they are learning in a safe environment. They will be required to connect with an accountability partner back home and continue to be coached by their leaders.

Work Responsibilities 

In addition to loving our children, students will be assigned specific duties within the organization. They will be challenged to step‐up and step‐out of their comfort zones on multiple occasions. In‐country work responsibilities will serve the same function as stateside: expanding student knowledge, building on strengths, and revealing weaknesses. We also believe this is a time where specific callings will be discovered or confirmed.

Repacking is the last week of the 10 month program. 

Once students return home from outreach, one final week is dedicated to assessing and processing all that God has done and spoken. This five‐day period is crucial as we prayerfully seek God for direction, while the Holy Spirit solidifies callings and prepares hearts for future ministry with Coreluv and beyond.